Education at Stage 773

Stage 773 invites your ensemble to The Clubhouse, a place designed to fast track your group’s development. Advance your ensemble’s skills, resources, and collaboration through workshops and rehearsals with seasoned directors, coaches, and artists hand-selected by Creative Director Brian Posen to take your ensemble to the next level. Take the class you want with the teachers you want to get where you want to go in the Clubhouse.

The Clubhouse: First Floor Fast track your ensemble’s development through six (2.5 hour) workshops, each with a different coach, director, or mentor. You’ll begin in a consultation with Stage 773 Creative Director Brian Posen to determine your ensemble’s strengths, needs, and areas of interest. Using the vast resources available at Stage 773, we’ll find exactly the teachers you need to build your skills, teamwork, and resources.

The Clubhouse: First Floor Ensembles receive eight (3 hour) rehearsals, with a single coach, director, or mentor. The aim of this 'class' is to create a show, which Stage 773 will produce (one night only). In addition to the guidance and resources you need to produce your show, you’ll receive a recording of the event from Gigity.TV which can be used to submit to festivals, use on social media, etc. Your ensemble is invited to book rehearsal space free of charge (pending availability) at Stage 773 for any additional rehearsals.

The cost of the Clubhouse is split evenly among the ensemble members. No matter how many members you have, the First Floor is $1800 and the Second Floor is $2200.

Contact for more information and available dates.