2019 CNCF Producers

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John Craig:  Bitten by a radioactive Phil Collins at a young age, John splits his time between quoting The Simpsons, fanboying over The Aquabats, & teching a variety of comedy shows.

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Willie Opper has been in Chicago for a decade, having moved here from his hometown of Topeka, Kansas. He studied for three years at Second City, and has worked with many amazing actors, writers, and directors. He is a founding member of the musical sketch group of nerds, Clown Car to Sicily, and co-founder of the satire sketch group, Mass St. Productions. He has been studying, creating, and performing plays, musicals, sketches, and improvisation all of his life. Willie is a staunch Gryffindor, and his wife Candice is an astute Ravenclaw.


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Matt Peters Enthusiast of all things nerdy, Matt has been a voice in the industry for several years through his website (Mighty Ink Comics & Entertainment) and his podcasts (Since Last We Spoke and Digital Dumpster Diving). Beginning his journey as an indie comic writer, he’s contributed to various media outlets both print and digital. As a board member of the Chicago Nerd Social Club, he’s been invited to speak on panels regarding diversity in geek spaces, and has been a guest lecturer at DePaul University. Matt is also founder of Core/Demo, an annual geeky belly dance charity event that supports the American Cancer Society. You can find him on Twitter @MightyInkMatt where he frequently geeks out over comics, video games, and pro-wrestling. His favorite color is orange, and he’s fond of the number “13.”


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Candice Opper figured out when she was 9 that if you offer to run sound, they don't make you get on stage, and never looked back. Has identified with nerds since about the same time, reading as many fantasy books as she could get her hands on. Candice moved to Chicago 10 years ago to go to law school, but ran back to the theater as soon as practicable.