Rehak/ Louisdhon/ Bat/ Bryant

Sunday, August 26
Black Box

Hope Rehak
Hope Rehak is perpetually having a hard time. As a broke millennial navigating her late twenties with all the anxieties of a teenager, everything from dating to family to the simple task of showing up to work on time seems just that little bit more impossible. Through her trademark honesty and wit, Hope invites the audience to laugh along with the pain, shared and not-so-shared.

Melody Louisdhon
Living life with Mel, in a crazy new world in the Midwest as a 30-something. What does mean to discover who you are, when you think you already knew? Come find out!

Yaz Bat
A Stand up Comedian from Detroit, Yaz tackles issues in your favorite childhood tv shows, her upbringing and ketchup sandwiches

Malorie Bryant (NY)
California native, Malorie Bryant is a regular in the NYC comedy circuit. Performing and producing stand up throughout the city. With a passion to discover the meaning of life, Malorie's energy and voice shamelessly expose her ups and mostly downs, and her constant battle to achieve self-love.

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