Leuenberger / Price / Leskosky / MacDonald

Saturday, August 25
Black Box

Amy Leuenberger
Once upon a time there was a little girl whose life seemed to be filled with fun surprises like purse fires, bodies falling from the sky, getting locked out with your lady crotch out, being mistaken for homeless and another time mistaken for homeless person's girlfriend (which I'm calling an upgrade). Come listen to some funny tales and get ready to live laughingly ever after.

Sarah Price
Sarah Price is a stand-up comic and that girl who sat in front of you in high school - nerdy, neurotic, and still trying to figure out hand jobs. If it has to do with cl*ts, d*cks, or polit*cs, she's probably overthinking it.

Hannah Leskosky-Ventriloquist
Ventriloquism with a substance-abusing misanthropic unicorn named Marzipan Lavender Sparkles (though he prefers Marty). His community service is to entertain so amazing magic tricks that show off his incredible unicorn powers are performed! Hilarious and unique--you've never seen ventriloquism like this before!

Heather MacDonald (Toronto)
Heather Macdonald is a stand-up comedian from Toronto, Canada. Her observations about life, experiences as a queer woman of colour, and The Bachelor have audiences across the country in stitches by incorporating story-telling, surprising facial expressions, and awkwardness.


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