Runkle/ Hindy/ Ker/ Netra

Friday, August 24
Cab Theatre

Mary Runkle
Mary is a raucous and thoughtful comic who jokes candidly about everything from her loving husband to loving drugs! Her midwestern sweetness is tempered by fearless honesty and a dark undercurrent that makes her a uniquely funny comedian. She can be seen all round Chicago telling jokes and politely filling the ice trays at every party she attends.

Salma Hindy (Ontario)
Salma Hindy is a Muslim Stand Up Comedian from Toronto, Canada. Her comedy flavours range from politics to her experiences as the child of immigrant parents. Salma has been featured on the CBC, Globe and Mail, CityNews and in various magazines and podcasts. The only terrorism Salma partakes in is shooting down stereotypes on stage.

Davine Ker
Davine caters to your comedy appetite while sharing her thought-provoking laugh story with decadent wit cream.

Netra Netra Netra (TX)
Netra ‘MsAlready’ Babin is a stand-up comedian, writer, host an actress from Houston, TX. Since debuting her comedy career in 2009 at the legendary Laff Stop in Houston, TX she became a favorite of management and staff, calling her comedy: “raw, hard-hitting, quick-witted, and hilariously real.” Growing up in a family full of practical jokers, fun and laughter has prepared Netra MsAlready for the Comedy stage.



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