Bekkela/ DuPrey/ White/ Sherman

Sat, August 25
The Cab

Kaysie Bekkela
Kaysie’s been dealing with some stuff both inside and out. She’s passionate about ex boos, body problems and what the deal is with penises. What Kaysie get really really hyped.

Melissa DuPrey
Melissa DuPrey is a unapologetic comic and storyteller who is not afraid to go there. From sexual catastrophes to the complexities of identity, DuPrey's mastery of capturing human experiences will bring you tears of joy and laughter. "DuPrey's clear-eyed comedy is as necessary as it is transgressive." (The Chicago Reader)

Malic White
Malic White is a Chicago-based comic who looks like a little orphan boy. Turns out, Malic is fully grown, and they've been making weird art at the Neo-Futurist Theater for the past six years. Whether they're getting real about working at a sex toy store or sharing tips on navigating gender-specific bathrooms, Malic emboldens audiences to head-butt their boundaries, smash binaries, and maybe even try a new sex position.

Sarah Sherman
Stand-up comedian Sara Sherman (aka Sara Squirm) has been called the ringleader of the relentlessly weird (and frequently grotesque) brand of comedy. She takes her cringe comedy all over the city which encompasses what did I just see material and plenty of skin tight spandex attire.


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