Sadiq/ Stadler/ Colman/ Murray

Saturday, August 25
The Cab

Sabeen Sadiq
Sabeen's comedy is mostly about her dysfunctional family dynamics. She adores her family and will jump into their characters and do full on act outs to show the sweet and absurd nature of everyone, especially her parents. She touches on religion and silly observational humor as well.

Olivia Stadler (Toronto)
Olivia Stadler is one of Toronto's rising stars who's raunchy, self deprecating realness is guaranteed to make you laugh.

Shelly Colman (NY)
Shelly Colman is a stand-up comic from Brooklyn, NY, but not the trendy part. She was the winner of the 2014 national Ladies of Laughter Competition -- Newcomer Division. She'll make you wonder if you've returned all your library books.

Jen Murray (CA)
Jennifer grew up near Pittsburgh, PA and that is her best excuse for putting french fries on everything. After moving to Los Angeles, she began to say the funny thoughts in her head into a microphone as often as she could. She loves playing Chicago and is wondering if you're gonna eat that?


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