Collie/ Bounds/ Palomino/ Mason

Saturday, August 25
The Cab

Mary Collie
Mary Collie is a comedian based in Chicago. Her mixture of observations and one-liners are built on a dry honesty. Mary's musings are surprisingly relatable and usually funny (see also: sadly true).

Erin Nicole Bounds (LA)
Erin Nicole is an LA based stand-up and sketch comedian from Denver Colorado. Desperate for attention, she tells jokes about her life with Ehler's Danlos Syndrome and Middle Child Syndrome. One of these is apparently NOT a real medical condition.

Catye Palomino (MI)
Catye's observational comedy will not only make you laugh, but also make you think, "That's so true." Her comedy is smart. Just because she is clean does not mean she is boring. You're boring.

Lele Mason
Lele Mason is a rising comedian. Through observation, inquiry and humor she provides a unique perspective into her world. A very interactive and engaging performer Lele will have audience members walking away laughing like "that's one way to think about it".



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