Play In A Day CamP

In coordination with CPS days off.
When CPS is out for the day, we are ready to play!

Through acting games and exercises, students will create unique characters based on the theme of the day. These characters will then be used to create a short play to be performed at the end of the day. These camps are a great way to build a sense of community with peers from across the city, while exploring your child’s imagination and creativity!
*Campers should feel free to dress up according to day camp themes.

Camps will be held at Stage 773 from 8am- 3:30pm with a presentation at 3:30 for parents, guardians, siblings and friends.  

We have 4 options:
1 day for $80
5 days for $300
10 days for $500
15 days for $800

Registration must be made at least two weeks before chosen camp dates begin.
*If at least 6 children are not registered for a camp two weeks before camp begins, that camp will be cancelled and payment will either be refunded to enrolled students or transferred to another date at the parent’s discretion.

*Please pack a lunch, a water bottle and two small snacks to bring to camp.