The Civility of Albert Cashier

A NEW MUSICAL based on a Civil War soldier whose life defied definition. The true story, set between 1862 and 1915, tells the tale of Albert Cashier, a Civil War soldier with a secret. Detailing the soldier’s life, fighting in more than 40 engagements during the Civil War, the musical follows Cashier through retirement and the onset of dementia, when it is discovered that Albert was born Jennifer Hodgers. Causing an uproar in the small southern Illinois community where Cashier lived, Cashier was prosecuted for impersonating a soldier.

Book by the GLAAD Award-nominated Writer/Producer Jaul Paul Deratany; Music & Lyrics by acclaimed Americana musician Joe Stevens & Emmy-nominated Writer/Director Keaton Wooden.

Run time: 2 hours 30 minutes, 10 minute intermission