Becoming Me: A One Woman Show

OCTOBER 19 @ 8PM | $27.50

.... an intimate journey through the inner workings of a broken mind.

A gutsy and very raw extended  summary of one woman’s views and personal experiences with how we create the life we live. A look at life from the inside out. Created to connect with the inner life coach that constructs and guides your emotional and physical journey through this  thing we call life. Poetic, gritty, and very powerful introspective one woman show written and produced by Duwanda Rodgers-Davis. You may never look at her… or yourself the same ever again…. Hope...

With special musical guest stars Cj TheFlii , Monte Gaines, and DaShan Pryor.
Music Written an Produced By:  Cj TheFlii  @ 
Monte Gaines @
DaShan Pryor @

Run time: 2 hours 30 minutes, no intermission