I Broke Her Back


Presented by: LaVigne's Vision Productions
January 5 & 6 | 7-10PM

A young man named Jeremy who is financially stable and sexy with a body that is hard as a rock. He has everything a 25-year-old could imagine, thanks to his mother's wisdom and moralistic teaching that she instilled in him from childhood. Jeremy also credits his success to his father and the older brother who taught him the street game and how powerful a 'godly' body is. He has the best both worlds because he could quickly adapt to the streets as well as the professional workforce. Every dude dreams of being in his shoes. Having sex with many females on a daily basis seems like a good life for a young man, but deep down inside Jeremy wants more. He struggles with a lot of problems, he wonders if he will ever find true love, friendship, and acceptance from a world that has no desire to help him conquer his loneliness. When Jeremy finds love, he soon finds out that everything good must come to an end.

Written by Larry Smith

Run time: 3 hours, intermission