Colin Wright, Author & Host of Let's Know Things — Chicago


Presented by: Ampersand Ellipsis
September 22  | $20

It’s never been more important to live with purpose, on purpose. To live intentionally. Colin Wright, the bestselling author, full-time traveler, and host of the Let’s Know Things podcast, is touring North America, speaking about how we perceive the world around us, how we behave based on those perceptions, and how to become who we need to be to face the challenges of today and of tomorrow. For this event, he'll be focusing on living intentionally, personal growth, and how the way we behave as individuals influences the shape of our societies. This talk expounds upon concepts covered in his books Becoming Who We Need To Be, Considerations, and Act Accordingly. After the presentation, there'll be time for hellos, hugs, book signing, and good-natured milling about.

90 minutes no intermission