Damian McGinty: The Slow Dance Tour

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Presented by: DAMIAN MCGINTY

APRIL 18 @ 5:00 Watch Sound check/Meet & Greet/Show $100
APRIL 18 @ 6:30 MEET& GREET/Show | $60
APRIL 18 @ 8:00PM Show | $35


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Join Irish singer, songwriter, and actor Damian McGinty in spring 2018 for his biggest solo tour to date, showcasing music and behind-the-scenes insights from his upcoming EP of original songs. This tour will be fans’ first opportunity to hear these songs live, and to share with Damian in the excitement and stories behind the album.

In his 10+ years in the business and nearly half a million miles, he’s met thousands of people, heard their stories, and been a keen observer of humanity. The roads he has traveled, literally and figuratively, have shaped his world view. As his father says, “every day’s a school day.” And, Damian has come to believe, everyone we meet has something to teach us.

His songs reflect these values. They are sometimes light and joyful, sometimes poignant and haunting, always without pretense. Underneath and through every song are woven strong threads of hope and love.

Run time:  90 minutes, no intermission

Information about Damian, the tour dates, and ticketing can be found at www.damianmcginty.com