Hello Kitty Must Die: a staged reading of a one-person show


Starring Helen Young as Fiona Yu
Directed by Kurt Johns
Adapted for the stage by Kurt Johns and Gail Rastorfer
June 25 & 26
Cab Theatre

Meet Fiona Yu, a 30 yr old Chinese-American lawyer, appears to be just another Hello Kitty stereotype. She’s anything but. To buck her family’s marriage pressure and restrictive cultural tradition Fiona sets out to take her own virginity and by chance reunites with her long lost childhood friend, Sean. Unlike the "nice Chinese boys" her parents set her up with, who work on their cars and play video games, Sean kills people. With Sean’s help, Fiona embarks on a darkly hilarious and twisted journey of self discovery and creates her own version of the American Dream. Hello Kitty Must Die, a darkly twisted comedy about murder and arranged dating.