Hokus Pokus: Witch, Please!


Presented by: The Chicago Red Line
October 24 -27 | $20-$55
Pro Theater

The infamous Snatcherson sisters of Salem were once defeated during the trials of the 1600s, but a curse on the black flame candle kept hope alive that they may one day return. Indeed, as the young virgin Max lights the candle, the Snatcherson sisters return to wreak havoc on Salem once again. Aided by the witches’ “Boooooook!” and the cursed cat Bynx, will the children of Salem be able to save their parents from the witches’ spell, defeat the Snatcherson sisters, and return peace to the once quiet town?

The Chicago Red Line proudly presents a Halloween special like no other, with laughs, tears, music, and overall shenanigans that will have you wanting to pick up a trick and have a little treat! Through song and dance, this nostalgic tale of Hallow’s Eve will be the perfect pregame to your costumed activities. Will Satan make a guest appearance? How “salty” will that circle be? And what ever happened to Bynx’s little sister? All is to be revealed through song, dance, cocktails, and brunch! Don’t miss out!

Run time: 100 minutes, 1 intermission