Homecoming 773 Social


Saturday, November 11th
7PM | $70

Tickets Include: 2 raffle entries, open bar, gourmet dessert reception from Bittersweet Bakery, and the most epic Cupid Has A Heart On ever seen on stage or screen!

This 90-minute show includes:

  • Musical numbers from the past & present
  • Cupid Player Testimonials
  • Learning how to create a Cupid song
  • Alumni Cupid Players 
  • Audience Talk Backs
  • Celebrating our renovation!

Fundraising Opportunities:

  • Buy-in, Buy-out: Be a star or put your friend in the Cupid hot seat. Join us onstage or don't- but either way, it’s going to cost you! 
  • Audience Raffle: 2-3 raffle packages with unique items and experiences that are difficult to find anywhere else!