The Lion YAAAS Kween

Full cast tutus.jpg

Presented by: The Chicago Red Line
May 2, 3, 4 at 7:30, May 5 at noon

From the gayest Pridelands of Africa comes the timeless tale of duty, self-discovery, and above all things, love. The sun rises on the Serengeti, and Mufasa and Surabi present their new son, Simba, to the animal kingdom. Jealousy rages over master drag queen and brother to Mufasa, MaScara, who devises a plan to steal the throne for his own with the help of his hyena sQuad. When all seems lost – including Simba’s heterosexuality – how will order and justice ever be brought back to the Pridelands?

The Chicago Red Line proudly presents its musical take on the classic tale, delivering laughs, tears, and songs that will tickle your insides (okurr!) while leaving you questioning your childhood in a show that’s slimy, yet satisfying! Will Rafiki do his signature creepy “thumb across the forehead” move? Just what kind of “pig” is Pumba anyway (hint: warthog is only half true)? Do we bless the rains down in Africa? Don’t wait to be Kween… grab a drink and come party it up in the Shadowlands! Be prepared for a show you won’t want to miss!

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Sunday performance includes buffet!

Running Time: 100 minutes, 1 intermission