Physical Festival Chicago: Nobody's Home by Theatre Temoin and Grafted Cede


Odysseus has come home from the war. His bath’s broken, and he can’t fix it. As he stares at his reflection, he begins to find that his journey back to the people he loves might not be as easy at it seems.

Set in a bathroom, Nobody’s Home follows a soldier’s journey through his own mind, as he struggles with the monsters of his past to finally come home. In their signature physical style, Theatre Temoin and Grafted Cede present a unique and striking exploration of PTSD in a modern retelling of Homer’s Odyssey.

Nobody’s Home was developed in California through a series of collaborative workshops with combat veterans.

Presented by Theatre Témoin and Grafted Cede Theatre with support from The Salisbury Playhouse and The Wellcome Trust.

Run time: 45 minutes, no intermission