Robin Hood: A Little John Goes A Long Way


We've all heard the tale of Robin Hood and the Merry Men: rob the rich, give to the poor, and show how fun the Middle Ages really was. But what if everything you've been told is not the real story? What if the Merry Men had interesting stories of their own? What if robbing the rich and giving to the poor was actually a pyramid scheme? What if Robin Hood...was really a big jerk?

Mass St. Productions presents "Robin Hood: A Little John Goes a Long Way", a sketch comedy show! This collection of sketches turned one-act play tells the real story of Robin Hood and the Merry Men, with dancing, sword fights, and endless hilarity!

Carrie Campana
Erin Kaye Ellis
Sam Hammer
John Francis Klingle
Dani Mancini
Katie Ruppert
Rachel Ann Schrock
Matt Schutz
Danny Wightkin
Sera Rae Young
Graphic Designed by: Megan Hansen
Stage Manager: John Craig
Technical Director: Dan Sonenberg
Head Writer: Katie Ruppert
Director: Willie Opper

Run time: 70 minutes, no intermission