From the writer and director of Low-Hanging Fruit (as seen on ABC News), Roomies makes light of what a YUPPIE African-American man experiences when moving from the “hood” into a tightly knit all-white community, using a comedy-of-errors styled narrative. Before Christmas Day, Brandon Miles must evict his newly uninvited roommates (a gay flamboyant hairstylist, an ex-con on house arrest, and a sex-addict inexplicably attached to his overprotective mother--who moves in as well) in order to keep his fiancé and his sanity. That is if his mischievous neighbors don't succeed in having him and his entourage thrown out of the community first. 

Black Ensemble Theater produced a one-act version of Roomies for their closing night of their Sex and the City series to rave reviews, mirroring the reception Campbell received earlier in the year for his hilarious Grounds for Divorce during their Black Playwrights Festival. Dane A. Campbell is an educator, published author, and award-winning choreographer who founded Fearless Fiction Productions solely to create dramatic works grounded in the fearless, unflinching attempt to unsettle questionable institutions. His last production Low-Hanging Fruit, in its first run, landed him on ABC Eyewitness News in an exclusive interview. Watch the interview here!

As it did before, Fearless Fiction Productions is standing behind its vision: theater exhibiting socially-charged concepts done by a racially diverse cast before a racially diverse audience.

Meet the phenomenal cast of Dane A. Campbell's Roomies here. 


Run time: 2 hours, 1 intermission