Dane A. Campbell's Roomies 2: Brandon v. The Tenants Association


Presented by: Fearless Fiction Productions
AUGUST 30 - SEPTEMBER 16 | $30 - $35

Brandon Miles returns to another world of chaos after allowing his pretentious friend and realtor, Norman, to pack his newlybought building with Brandon’s long-time friends, cousin (Randy), and associates, all of whom prove to be, once again, a crippling headache. And now, instead of accepting their eviction notices and moving on, the tenants have banded together under the direction of Brandon’s nemesis, Claudette, and have filed a lofty lawsuit against him. Adding to Brandon’s grief is the fact that they are represented by none other than Brandon’s exfiance, Tamra—a new hot-shot attorney. As the outrageous legal proceedings ensue, Brandon must stop his mother from killing the judge, try to understand his lawyer’s incomprehensible dialect, and fight his lingering feelings for Tamra. But there’s more, his star witness, Randy, is being held hostage and thrown into a convoluted web of mystery and imminent danger, as he tries solidifying his imagined singing career and defend his down trodden cousin—the former is of way more importance, of course.

Run time: 2 hours, 1 intermission

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