Who Poke-Murdered Red? - Gotta Catch 'Em!


Presented by: Clown Car
November 1 - 22 | $11-$15
Cab Theatre

Welcome to the wonderful world of Pokemon, where ten year old kids freely roam the land in search of everyone's favorite high-powered, nostalgic monsters! But things quickly turn tragic when Trainer Red is murdered in the middle of his own League Championship crowning ceremony - and no one knows who did it! Was it the kindly Professor Oak? Or the crime boss Giovanni, who has a fondness for cats? Or maybe it was one of the other trainers? Who could it be? Everyone turn your hats backwards...we have a lot of work ahead of us to solve this murder!

Clown Car presents "Who Poke-Murdered Red? - Gotta Catch 'Em!", a musical sketch show turned one-act play! Come help us solve this crazy murder mystery, filled with catchy songs, hilarious twists and turns, and even puppets!

FEATURING: Patrick Crogan, Greg Gonzales, Ben Linville, Emma Luttrell, Meme Matteson, Willie Opper, Meaghan Pelissier, and Jim Smylie.

Graphic Designed by: Heather Sejnow
Stage Manager: Dan Sonenberg
Musical Director: Gail Gallagher
Head Writers: Greg Gonzales, Meme Matteson, Ben Linville
Director: Emma Luttrell

Running time: 70 minutes, no intermission


CCtS cast 2019 7.jpg