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What’s the main difference between Africa and Evanston? The animals are PLASTIC. Cady faces the harsh reality of the high school clique scene, as she struggles to find her place among mathletes, the nerds, the jocks, and of course the plastics. Cady’s arrival upsets the clique balance; to restore it, Cady partners with her friends Janice and Gaymian to take down Regina and those who wear pink on Wednesdays. But things never go to plan…

“You Can’t Sit With Us!” will take you on a musical journey from Africa to Evanston, musical theatre to pop and rap. Trust us… this is one class you won’t want to skip! And if you join us for our brunch show, you’ll find yourself asking “Is Butter a Carb?” only to forget what you asked as you sip your bottomless mimosas. So settle in with a drink, some laughs, and a few hours of fun!

Sunday at noon ticket includes Sunday brunch!

Run time: 100 minutes, 1 intermission