Enter Curious.

Leave Inspired.


The Young Professionals Board of Stage 773 (YPB) is a group of young professionals who define what it means to be a ‘patron of the arts’ in the modern world.


We are here to serve all Chicago artists. We believe in community, art and art making!


YPB is a community of  30 - 40 diverse Chicagoans that serve as ambassadors to the mission and culture of the Stage 773.

In return for this support we receive:

  • The first notice of upcoming events and free tickets or discounted tickets.
  • Access to professional development opportunities.
  • Networking opportunities with artists and community, including Stage 773’s Executive Board of Directors.
  • An opportunity to make an impact of the Chicago art community and learn the behind-the-scenes of operating a theater.
  • 773 Artist's Membership Cards


  • Assist in transforming curiosity into inspiration for art makers, patrons, and each other.
  • Help make Stage 773 HOME for all art makers.
  • Provide assistance during Stage 773 festivals.
  • Spread the word about Stage 773 events and productions.
  • Assist in fundraising.
  • Play a role in scheduled YPB annual events.
  • Attend 50% of YPB meetings.
  • Pledge to pay annual membership fee of $12.25 + $7.73 = $19.98, to be paid at the time of joining.


SketchFest (January 11-21, 2018)
YPB Variety Show\Talent show (April 2018)
The BESTival at Chicago Women’s Funny Festival (June 17, 2017)
Stage 773's Stepping Stone Series - A professional development series held every quarter. ( First of the series is November 7, 2017)
Stage 773 Homecoming Weekend with Pub Crawl (October 6-7, 2017)
Building Art Annual Appeal (November – January, annually) 


YPB Chair: Jimmy Rio     YPB Vice Chair: Michael Silver     Staff Liaison: Jill Valentine     Executive Board Liaison: Brad Younts     
Steering Committee: Mollie Rehner, Paul Hughs, Jonald Reyes

Interested in becoming involved?