7:00 PM 
Secret Origins Improv

With the help of the audience, Chicago's rising improv talents create a brand new superhero and villain, showcasing their origin story.

Character Driven, Satirical, Fandom Driven, PG-13

8:00 PM
Wig Bullies

Chicago's weirdest and most absurd LGBT sketch comedy group returns with a brand new revue! In the new Wig Bullies show, the world's first gay astronaut is lost in space with only a robotic hag to keep him company, Meanwhile, the new Star Trek show struggles with diversity behind the scenes. A group of PTA parents navigate a complicated key party.

Absurd, Character Driven, Dark, PG-13

9:00 PM
Stand-Up Showcase

Jamie Carbone, Robert Flanagan, Vik Pandya, Liz Greenwood, Tyler Fowler

10:00 PM
Down in Front

Down in Front is a small collective of film buffs, comedians, and all-around weirdos that just can’t help talking through the movie - but you’ll actually love it coming from us. We sort through hundreds of films and present our favorite targets to you with live running commentary, packed with jokes. There’s nothing too obscure, nor too classic for our smart-asses to show you and create a great night of comedy. Come out to a show and see for yourself. Please no talking during the movie - that’s our job!
Interactive, Observational, Satirical, PG-13

*Performer After Party


7:00 PM
'Tis: A Dungeons & Dragons Improv Show

A unique improv show like no other, ’Tis! takes you into the immersive world of Dungeons and Dragons with an incompetent Dungeon Master as your guide, combining longform improv with the consistent element of chance that comes with the game. Whether you’re familiar with the game or a complete newbie, this cast of improvisors will take you into a fantasy land that’s created in front of your eyes.
Absurd, Character Driven, Dark

8:00 PM
The Stuntmen

The Stuntmen’s shows are filled with car chases, ninjas, time bombs, time travel, bank heists, and unblockable kicks. Action movies are high stakes, over-the-top affairs with heroes and villains and conflict; add a humorous twist, and voila! The Stuntmen.
Slapstick, Parody, Satirical

9:00 PM

Amy Nico Schwartz, Greg Winston, Ian Ager, Marlénas McMahon-Purk

10:00 PM
A NerdFest Cabaret

Foz the Hook, Dizzy Tunt, El Chupacabro

*After Party


5:00 PM
The Unwritten Works of William Shakespeare

Improv comedy of Elizabethan proportions! The Unwritten Works stages the plays that Shakespeare only wishes he had written.
Absurd, Highbrow, Parody

/&/ Insane Ian

Comedy music as heard on the legendary Dr. Demento show. Nerdy Original music and parodies about comics, video games, and other nerd-centric thingies.
Parody, Satirical, Fandom Driven

6:00 PM
Garrett Allain: Altered Boy

He's Catholic. He's Gay. What could go wrong?
Parody, Satirical, Wild

7:00 PM
Improvised Jane Austen

Brimming over with head-strong heroines, charming cads, and meddling mothers, Improvised Jane Austen creates a novel new Regency romance all from an audience suggestion. The all-female company craft their story in the style of the 19th Century's most prominent female author, carrying it through misadventures, misunderstandings, and modern feminism to its proper British conclusion.
Character Driven, Highbrow, Observational, PG-13

8:00 PM
Brandie Posey

Originally from Annapolis, Maryland, Brandie Posey is a stand up comedian, writer & producer who now calls LA's comedy scene home. She has been featured as a performer at the New York Comedy Festival, RIOT Comedy Festival, San Francisco Sketchfest, FEST in Gainesville, Bridgetown Comedy Festival, The All Jane Festival, among many others. She has opened for the legendary punk band Against Me! and has appeared on MTV, E! & Comedy Central. Brandie made her feature film debut in the indie dark comedy, "The Worst Year Of My Life" directed by Jonathan Smith & her first stand up record Opinion Cave debuted at #1 on iTunes & #12 on

9:00 PM
Clown Car to Sicily

Clown Car to Sicily is a musical sketch comedy and musical improv group of nerds. We write and perform original sketches based on themes in nerdom and popular culture, and hope to reach the inner nerd in everyone!
Observational, Parody, Fandom Driven

10:00 PM
Cosplay Competition

11:00 PM
side scroller

Drag. Burlesque. Nerds. This variety show features performers from some of Chicago's most popular nightlife spaces including Boy Toy's Pocket Cabaret, Not Your Mother's Drag Show, Naughty Little Cabaret, and Vertical Sideshow performing their nerdy favorites. Come see all your nerdy fantasies and dreams come to life!

*Stage 773 DJ afterparty


12:00 PM (noon)

Join us at our Panel with Abandon Planet! We'll discuss game development and crowdfunding followed by gameplay with the Abandon Planet team. Check out their kickstarter!



We'll have Abandon Planet, Secret Hitler, and Cards Against Humanity games available for play. **FREE**