Jen Ducharme

Sunday, August 25
The Cab

Absurd, Dark, Character Driven

If you've fallen into a rabbit hole streaming random videos and clips, then Jen will remind you it's time to go to bed. Sometimes it's too late to watch the really weird stuff.

Directed by Jillian E. Mueller

Jen Ducharme is a Chicago area actress, writer, and comedian. Her provocative, sharp-tongued performance style and slick writing and producing skills have taken her to showcases and storytelling events throughout the city and US. She currently produces the comedy variety show Glitty Bitties; the free show that raises money for local charities. You can also hear her voice on Arcade Audio's bad advice podcast Don't Ask Jen & Liz or on the Nerdologues' actual D&D podcast LOW.

Opener Jim Burchill is a comedy troubadour inflicting his twisted songs and worldview on Chicago, IL. He's currently locked in a room to listen to recordings and wondering why he doesn't sound auto-tuned enough.

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